Notre Dame Fine Jewelry



History of the Striped Football

All college and NFL footballs used to have full stripes, but the players began complaining that their thumbs were slipping on the paint of the stripe.  As a result, the NFL decided to eliminate the stripes from their official footballs all together.  The NCAA wanted to keep the stripes...

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The History of The Notre Dame Leprechaun

The Notre Dame Leprechaun was designed by sports artist Theodore W. Drake. He worked as a designer at Wilson Sporting Goods in Chicago where he created the logo for the University of Notre Dame in 1964 for $50. Per an article in the 1960 campus news magazine, the Scholastic, a...

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History of the Rotunda Floor Design in the Main Building

Our design for this pendant has been based on the design found on the floor of the rotunda in the Main Building on campus. Through the help of the Archives Department on campus, we learned the design on the floor is the seal (which has evolved through the years)...

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History of Subway Alumni

The Subway Alumni are a group of Notre Dame Fighting Irish fans who are known for their strict allegiance to the school although never attending or graduating from the school.  In the early days of Notre Dame football becoming a national powerhouse, the Subway Alumni received its name because so many...

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