Frequently Asked Questions

University of Notre Dame® Fine Jewelry F.A.Q.

I am disappointed that I am only allowed 10 characters for the engraving on the back of a pendant.  Is there some way I can possibly have more engraved on the back?

Yes. Just call us. For the $25 charge shown on the website, you can have up to 20 characters on most of the pendants.  The way the website is set up, we list 10 characters for all items due to the number of characters we are able to engrave inside a ring.

If I need only one earring, can I purchase just one?

Yes. because we make all the Notre Dame jewelry ourselves, you do not have to purchase earrings in pairs.

Why does it take 2 to 3 weeks to make the Notre Dame jewelry?

Most of our Notre Dame jewelry can be personalized or engraved.  Because of this, we make the jewelry as it is ordered.  There are approximately 19 steps in the process of making the jewelry. If it is not our busy season, we are often able to send it to you much sooner.

If I do not see my ring size, is there a way for me to order it?

Yes. Just call us and we will be glad to make it for you in your exact size.

I do not see FedEx as a delivery option.  Am I able to request faster delivery than the U.S. Postal Service priority delivery which takes 2 to 3 days?

Yes. Call us and we can make arrangements for FedEx or U.S. Postal Service Express.

Can diamonds be added to any of the designs?

Yes. In most cases, we would be able to add stones to an item.  In fact, if you wanted to use your stones from a piece of jewelry you no longer wear or want, we can work with you on doing just that.  

Can I use my gold jewelry I no longer want in the making of a Notre Dame piece?  What about gold coins?

Yes. We will credit you for the amount of gold you have towards the cost of the jewelry item you choose.  

I see where you do charms and pendants for most of the sports.  If I do not see the sport I want, can I call to order it in a charm, pendant, ring, etc.?

Yes. We will be glad to work with you as we are always open to new designs.

I do not see the "R" registered mark and the "TM" trademark symbols on your jewelry pieces.  Why?

When the "R" and the "TM" are placed on the smaller items, they look like blobs of metal or defects.  We enclose an indicia statement with every Notre Dame jewelry item stating: "The university name and logo featured on this product is a registered trademark of that university.  The indicia depicted on this product are trademarks of the respective university."

Can I return my Notre Dame jewelry item even if it has been personalized or engraved?

Yes.  We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase.  We ask that you return it within 90 days of purchase in its original condition for a full refund less postage and handling.